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by parkay on April 1, 2012

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January 15, 2016,
From: A Phoenix reader
Your book is especially helping my wife come to terms with “what happened to the first 48 years of my life?” So I am glad I could personally say huge Thanks!


July 10, 2012
From: Drew
I just wanted to say thanks for writing your book. I just finished it and found it to be a great read. I wish that my wife and all of the other believing members would read it too! Hopefully someday the church will be widely revealed as the fraud that it is.


July 8, 2012
Kay, I just finished your book. Thank you for your insight. I was impressed by how thorough the information was. How long did it take to write? Have you had much backlash from church friendly organizations? My wife is now reading it. FYI we are SLC born and raised Mormons who are now in transition out of the faith. It is very liberating to worship God outside Mormonism. Thanks again.

July 8, 2012
From: Fred
Just read stuff on the net about you and Park Romney, god bless you and he..I have learned that it’s all false and won’t have any thing to do with it.


July 1, 2012, from a former broadcast journalist, news director and political reporter:

“I found your book online last week and couldn’t put it down. Bravo…
I hope many people will read your book.”


June 30, 2012
Hi Kay! I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I am half way through your book & I think it’s wonderful! Great job. Can’t wait to finish it! Keep up the good work!


June 29, 2012
I’m really enjoying your book, Kay. Over the years and during my exodus from Mormonism, I read many books on the topic, but yours is very unique in its legal perspective. Thank you!


June 26, 2012
I’m reading [An American Fraud] now and delighted to see that KB had all those “gut feelings” for many years as did I. And they add up. Many bury these thoughts for yrs. People leave the Morg for various reasons. Hurt feelings, history, to [sic] confining, etc., but her story validates to me that you need to listen and respond to your inner voice. Not easy, as the Morg takes that away at a very young age. She states in the book “OMITTING THE FACTS AND TWEAKING THE TRUTH—A TRAIT MORMONS ACQUIRE.” We can surely relate to that. Would be wise to consider that fact when considering potential Mormon president to. IMHO


June 24, 2012, From a Scandinavian professor emeritus of architecture:


Your book An American Fraud has been important for my family and for many of our friends. Thank you for your book.

We feel that your and also Park Romney´s book should be much more widely known.

So we wish that you take the shy Park with you to some good discussions e.g. MSNBC etc to promote your two fine books.

Please, do something like that around the mass resignation day end of June – or in the autumn.

Frank and family: We need you, Kay and Park. Go on writing!!!


Hi Kay:

I just finished reading your book this weekend. I was flattered that you referenced a presentation that I gave at the ExMormon Conference (Lying for the Lord). By the way, I worked for the Church Education system for 27 years.

Thank you for adding another excellent source for those who are interested in reading the truth about Mormonism. I especially liked the trial attorney’s perspective. It was great. Thank you.

I think my daughter (grown, single-mom) who left the church about 10 years ago, will love your book.

I downloaded the Kindle version and was so mesmerized by Burningham’s
narrative that I couldn’t turn away from my computer screen all
weekend. I subsequently posted a review on Amazon this morning:

I hope other forum members will do the same. She deserves our hearty
applause and sincere thanks for having the integrity and courage to
write this book.


Hi Kay,

When I saw you are a member of post-mo I had to send you a thank you. I read your book (American Fraud) last August and it spurred me into sending my resignation letter. I had planned to resign my membership at some point, possibly this year. But after reading your book I knew I couldn’t continue to be associated with the church one day longer.

Best wishes to you and thank you so much!

Dear Kay,

First, let me say, Thank you!” for taking the incredible stance of
calling out the Mormon Church for what it is ─ “A Fraud.” I
ordered your book and it got here yesterday. I could not put it down!

I’m so glad you have come forward with your book to tell your most
personal story. It is compelling! It touches the human heart! Thank
God there are people like you!


I have complete respect for what you had the courage to write.

I am glad you enjoyed South Africa (it’s where I live).

The more the truth is exposed, the less the innocent will suffer under the yoke of LDS tyranny.


Your book is a great read. Thanks for writing it, and telling your story.

There is no question the church knowingly deceives its members and rakes in billions of dollars for doing so. I see no difference between the church and the Benny Hinn style hucksters on sunday morning TV. Both of them are stealing.


Holy cow girl, holy cow. I LOVE that you have written this and I have to say there are TONS of facts that haven’t read anywhere else like the fact that the Kinderhook plates were actually accepted as authentic for years and that (I can’t remember who at the moment) actually thought the translation was going to be some sort of Book of Mormon sequel!?! You’ve also given the reader a really honest look into the (frankly speaking), the shadows of the Smith family. I had no idea that Alvin was involved in the whole glass looking charade before Joe did it!! Dang, the whole family were degenerates! Why didn’t they actually farm or make a living honestly? What was in Smith Sr. character that prevented him from supporting his family and teaching them ethics? If their life was miserable before Joe started the church, they certainly became accustomed to misery afterward.

I’m still reading your personal story. It is fascinating. The forward of your book about your friend who killed herself strikes such a deep chord in me. I’m sad to say I know SEVERAL people, good honest people who have either killed themselves, or literally allowed themselves to fall in to such a deep depression because of the church that they no longer resemble themselves.

You are a very, very courageous woman. Thank you so very much!




Loved your book, read it cover to cover on my way to Hungary and back from Prague this summer. You did your research and backed everything up! I have done lots of reading on the Mormon church, including 27th wife and a book by Carolyn Jessop, an escapee, from the Texan fundamentalists. I have always thought that Joseph Smith was no different than Warren Jeffs. Growing up in Utah as a non-mormon in Bountiful was a painful experience in many ways, but it did teach me to develop critical thinking skills in anaylizing religion and also teaching me to be tolerant of minorities (because of my own status there). I remember as an adolescent, not understanding how a teacher I admired so much for his brilliance could actually believe the teachings of Mormonism and not see what a fraud it is. It was truly puzzling.



I was just drying my hair and realized that I no longer have that “sick”
feeling on Sundays!

This thought just lifted me up a bit higher and thought I’d share.

I’m finishing up “An American Fraud: One Lawyer’s Case Against Mormonism”.

It is a fantastic read. I wish I could slip this book under the door of all
my female family members……..



I wanted to contact you as I just finished reading your book and thought it was wonderful, amazing, thought provoking and insightful! in other words, I loved it…I can tell from the way you write that you’re a terrific lawyer. I also think you’re a bold and brave woman who deserves HUGE kudos…on many levels.



I just read An American Fraud. Thank you! So well researched, articulate, convincing! Its a must read for anyone intimate with or on the periphery of Mormonism.


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