Practice Areas

Personal injury

Ms. Burningham has represented the victims of significant and permanent personal injury as well as heirs in wrongful death cases in both Utah and California. Whether as a result of a motor vehicle collision (she has represented many victims of big-rig collisions), medical malpractice, dog bite, negligently maintained premises or defective pharmaceuticals or other products, these cases are given only the best representation. She also represents those injured in construction accidents where one other than the employer or co-employee is to blame. She regularly associates top Utah law firms if the case requires additional professional staff. Conversely, Ms. Burningham has been asked by Utah attorneys to step into medical malpractice and motor vehicle collision cases in both state and federal court to assist attorneys with less trial experience than she. Over her career Ms. Burningham has obtained millions of dollars in both verdicts and settlements for her seriously injured clients.

Civil Litigation

Ms. Burningham handles all types of civil litigation except bankruptcy: Real estate, breach of contract, interference with business relations, real estate disputes including broker /fee disputes, divorce, child custody modification and probate litigation on behalf of heirs whether under a will, trust or in intestate succession claim.

Ms. Burningham has represented a woman who claimed her husband raped her during their marriage after she had a mastectomy. She filed a personal injury action for rape and intentional infliction of emotional distress and obtained a successful settlement for her client in that case. He husband then wanted to seal the file and impose a gag order to keep her from talking about the abuse. As a result of Ms. Burningham arguments, the court denied both motions.


Ms. Burningham served as a civil settlement officer for the San Diego Superior Court for five years in the 1990s. In that capacity, she settled dozens of cases involving, personal injury and business disputes. She is available as a mediator for all types of civil disputes.

Divorce Mediation

Ms. Burningham has mediated divorces between couples prior to their filing in court. With a conflict waiver, she is able to use her years of experience to advise and settle the emotionally-charged issues that arise prior to the parties hiring expensive attorneys. Ms. Burningham has been married twice. In both instances her divorces were amicable and by stipulation. For years she interacted with both of her ex-husbands by inviting and participating in activities with their significant others when it involved their respective children. She remains close friends with her second husband.


If you have entered into a contract where arbitration is required, or if you feel that you would like a quick and yet impartial arbiter of the issues in your dispute, Ms. Burningham is a wise choice. She has arbitrated many cases in California as a San Diego Superior Court approved arbitrator. She has also arbitrated many cases in binding arbitration. If mandatory arbitration is a condition of your successful medical malpractice claim, Ms. Burningham is a wise choice, having represented both plaintiffs and health care providers in medical malpractice cases.

Insurance Disputes

Ms. Burningham represented insureds of some of the biggest property and casualty carriers in the nation, while practicing as a young attorney in Southern California. She represented State Farm, both fire (homeowners) and auto, Allstate, Mercury, Unigard, Liberty Mutual, GEICO and others. The types of cases she defended involved industrial equipment product liability, professional negligence including health care provider malpractice, land owner liability and motor vehicle collision. Ms. Burningham won numerous verdicts in San Diego Superior Court trials for these defendants. Her skill as a mediator was reflected in her appointment as a civil settlement officer for the years 1990-1995 in the North County Branch of San Diego Superior Court. As a result of that experience, she is uniquely qualitied to render opinions and litigate cases on behalf of insureds who have had their claims denied, a business with a disputed commercial liability claim or an individual with disability, long term care or a life insurance claim, contact Ms. Burningham for superior representation.

ADA Litigation.

Ms. Burningham works with experienced out-of-state counsel on claims for ADA violations. If you are unable to access an important business or other necessary service due to that company’s non-compliance with ADA regulations, contact Ms. Burningham to examine what can be done to remedy the matter.

Contact Ms. Burningham by clicking on the “Contact” tab and provide a brief description of the facts involved in your potential case. Please note that the act of contacting Ms. Burningham does not create an attorney-client relationship. It is only when and if an attorney-client retainer agreement is entered into that such a relationship would be established.

* Ms. Burningham is an active member of Utah State Bar.

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