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Serious Personal Injury


Professional respresentation by a skilled trial attorney makes all the  difference.



When you discover you've been misled, recover your losses.

Wrongful Death


Your tragedy  requires compassionate, professional attention.

Breach of Contract

Take your business seriously, and help others understand that you do.

Professional Malpractice

Where do you turn when your trust has been violated? 

Dispute Resolution


Settlement can be achieved with an experienced impartial professional.






Attempt a Good Faith Settlement, but be Prepared to Try the Case

Contrary to their advertising campaigns, insurance companies are not your friends. Except for  companies owned by their policyholders (Liberty Mutual is one example), property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies are owned by stockholders whose sole purpose is to maximize profits.

Whether an insurance company or other corporate entity, the business entity is often in a position comparable to Goliath who can easily defeat the lone David.

Our goal at Kay Burningham, Attorney at Law, is to maximize your chance of competing fairly for justice. We do it with decades of trial experience, and if necessary, associating with a larger firm to achieve the best result possible.

Kay Burningham has worked on both sides of the litigation aisle and acted as an impartial professional neutral to resolve hundreds of civil litigation injury cases over her 30+ year career. Whether your injury is personal or business, let us help you win.


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