About Park Romney

High profile clients, like their attorneys, require experienced professional help.

Park B. Romney brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to our practice.

As a former Financial Vice President of a complex public agri-business and real estate syndication corporation he comes highly recommended, formerly with credentials in tax practice, real estate brokerage, insurance, and securities.


He is uncommonly knowledgeable in matters of real estate development, finance, asset management and protection, and has a wealth of experience in software and systems development, eCommerce, and system integration.

He has developed and managed systems for sophisticated marketing companies, major corporate sites, and research and campaign support.

As a successful campaign manager, credited with the election of a number of municipal politicians, Mr. Romney is talented in public relations and brand management, and understands the discretion required by sophisticated business and clients. He is an excellent communicator, author, and speaker. 

He takes our success in serving you well very seriously. He is an invaluable member of our staff.

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